Rastal Craft Master Grand Beer Glass
Rastal Craft Master Grand Beer Glass
Rastal Craft Master Grand Beer Glass
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16 oz Rastal Craft Master Grand Beer Glass - Laser engraved with your organization logo, one of our unique designs, wrap-around icons, or multi-side text and graphics

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The unique design of the Rastal Craft Master Grand 16 oz. beer glass offers an elevated sensory experience when enjoying a wide variety of beers and beverages alike. Manufactured by renowned German glassmaker Rastal, this glass is explicitly designed to capture and release the enticing aromas of your premium craft made beer. This glass's contemporary look and feel will entice guests with its ability to showcase your beverages with its brilliantly clear glass.

Extraordinarily versatile, its broad bowl and flared top release aromas and allow for proper head retention, while a substantial base maintains a well balanced glass that's ideal for everyday use. The Craft Master Grand enhances the colors, flavors, aromas, and carbonation of beer and hard cider. It features an innovative stacking design that keeps the weight of the glass off of the lip, helping to prevent chipping and sticking. The exceptional sturdiness of this glass makes it an ideal option for rowdy sports bars, busy pizzerias, mom-and-pop diners, and other high traffic eateries! You won't have to worry about breaking and replacing fragile glassware or increasing your costs, thanks to this glass's superior strength.

Renowned German glassmaker Rastal has been designing and producing glassware for over 100 years. Rastal provides premier quality products specialized specifically for brewery needs. Innovative and scientifically-backed sensory designs are sure to form an impactful experience at your establishment. Upgrade to the excellence of Rastal glassware today!

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 3 3/8"
Bottom Diameter: 2 3/8"
Height: 5 5/8"
Capacity: 16 oz.

Free laser customization and engraving on this amazing drinkware, and most other products on our website. Click the Design Now button to get started.

How it works:
When you design your own product and upload your own logo, clip, graphic, or picture, make sure it's a black and white design - color shades and gradients do not work well with lasers. After you design your drinkware, we'll receive your order, design your graphic or text for specific production engraving, then engrave your custom project within 2-3 weeks of your order (for small to mid-size orders). For large orders, this timeline may change.

arrowood offers additional proof services if you would like to validate the design before we run the production. Proof services may add time to the production schedule, but can reduce the amount of errors and adjustments in the design process.

What to know:
Laser-engraving on powder coat colors, leather, and glass surfaces is a durable and permanent design. It will not fade or chip like sublimation or vinyl printing, especially when stacked or piled in the kitchen sink.

  • On glass, laser engraving gives the glass a frosty look for any line or space the laser burns in.
  • On powder coat, the laser burns away the color coating to reveal the metal silver underneath.
  • On leather and leatherette, the laser engraving design may be lighter or darker than the base color (designed that way).

Care instructions:
Laser-engraved glass does not require any special treatment compared to un-engraved glass. Therefore, use your discretion when washing your drinkware. Beer, rocks, and tasting glasses can typically be washed in the dishwasher, and wine glasses depend on the size, your dishwasher, and delicacy of the individual glass. For wine glasses, we recommend hand washing.

Powder-coated steel cups, mugs, drink holders and tumblers have an official recommendation to hand wash, often on the bottom of the drinkware. However, our experience shows that most of the steel drinkware is durable enough to withstand many dishwasher washings, in our personal experience. Use the dishwasher at your own risk.

Ceramic drinkware is microwave safe. Do not microwave anything made of or contains steel - mugs, tumblers, flasks, growlers, and beverage holders.

All of our work is designed, engraved, packed, and shipped from North Carolina, USA.

For orders larger than what's listed, please contact us at support@arrowood.co, and we’ll work through a quote with you.