Can I upload my own graphic and see it in real time?

Yes! Our Product Configurator enables you to upload your own design, or use our pre-loaded designs, and add text as an overlay on top of your preferred product. Some items can accept custom graphics and others are limited in their space and complexity.


Can I customize each item in my order?

Yes! Every product in our catalog can be customized with your logo, text, or our designs. To design the same product with multiple, different designs, be sure to click Design This button to create different, customized products on the same base product page, then add each to your cart.


If you want to engrave the SAME product with multiple and different logos or graphics, you will need to

  1. design your first product,
  2. add it to your cart, then
  3. design your second product, then
  4. add to your cart, and so on.


If you want to engrave the SAME product with slight variations on each, such a single groomsmen design or wedding banner, then individual names on each one, then

  1. design your product with the FIRST variation,
  2. Add special order instructions with your list of names or variations. The number of items MUST correlate with the number of variation options. Where special order instructions are not clear, your order may be delayed while we validate the complete details.
  3. Add to your cart



Can I upload my own logo or graphic to engrave?

Yes! You can upload your own PNG or image file to help envision what your custom-engraved product will look like. To create the best results in the Configurator, upload a PNG file with a transparent background.


The best engraving files are flat graphics than can be easily converted to a single color. Graphics with color gradients, detailed layers, and subtle contrasts are challenging, and may require significant adjustments to get them ready for engraving.


Arrowood offers design conversion services to convert graphics to engraving-ready proofs for $7.00 per product design.


When I request proofs for multiple items, how does it work?

For each product you customize on our site, you will have the option to add on a Design Proof upgrade, which indicates that you would like a Proof email prior to production.


Where you have multiple variations on a single product, you will only receive ONE proof on the first variation.



What kind of designs can I submit?

You can only upload image files with a maximize file size of 20 MB, or you can select and customize one of our designs.


The following types of images are ideal:

  • Flat Icons
  • Stylized or font text
  • Flat or simple logos
  • Silhouettes


NOTE: Your file will be converted to a black-and-white outline of your uploaded graphic. Therefore, all color gradients, intricate details, and layered colors may not look as expected in a flattened image.


How does the proof process work?

When you place your order, with the Design Proof add-on included with your purchase, our design team will be notified and start working on your design file within 1-3 business days.


Once the design proof(s) with your selected product background is complete and ready, you will receive an email with the attached proof for your review.


When you receive and review the Design Proof, please reply to the email with your Approval OR feedback & minor changes.


The design team will then:

  1. receive your approval and push the order to production, OR
  2. Create a second and final proof based on your feedback from your reply.


When you reply with your approval on the second and final proof, the design team will push the order to production.


How many sides of the product can I engrave?

As many sides as the Product Configurator will allow. If the Product Configurator allows you to engrave 3 sides, then that's all we can do. If only two options are displayed, then that's all we can do.


For example:

Drinkware without handles: 4 sides (for an additional fee)

Drinkware with handles: 2 or 3 sides, depending on the product

Dimensional wood, boards, or plaques: 2 sides, and in some cases, multiple designs on one side


How long does it take to complete my order?

For standard, non-holiday season and most designs and production requests, you can expect to receive your order within 2-4 weeks. However, issues do arise with products, inventory, shipping partners, etc, and we will communicate those issues as soon as possible, should they occur (honest and transparency is our policy here).


For high volume requests, or delayed responses in proof approvals, the time can increase to 3-5 weeks.


The holiday season order volume requires additional lead times, less options for value-add design services, and Fast Track (our expedited express service) is not available.


Which shipping carriers do you use?

We use Fedex, UPS, USPS, and DHL.


Do you ship outside the United States?

No, not as of this latest update.


What will engraving look like?

The engraving and cutting process uses a highly-accurate CO2 laser that burns a line or space into the material, either highly-powered for cutting, or low-power for engraving a design just below the top layer of the material.


For example, if your design includes engraving into wood, the laser will burn away the top layer and leave behind a gap and a darker, burned line or space.


When engraving in glass, the laser burns away the top layer of glass and leaves behind a frosty white layer, which has high contrast compared to the clear glass around it.


Some materials are designed for two-tier colors, such as plastics, synthetic leather, or ceramics, where the laser is intended to burn away the top color and expose the lower level color, such as our Lazermug series.


Why does my proof look like paint or a sticker?

When we send you a proof, it's like a digital simulation with a graphic overlay on top of the product. They are primarily created to set the location and size of the graphic to help you envision the final product.


On glass, the proof may look like a frosty white layer on top of the glass product.

On wood, the proof may be a dark brown or black layer on top of the wood.

On anodized aluminum, the proof will be a gray graphic over the base aluminum color, designed to look like uncoated shiny metal under the base color.

On leather, the proof may be a charcoal, dark brown, gold, or sub-layer color, depending on the product.

On base-color mugs, the proof will be a white graphic overlay.

On base-color, powder-coated drinkware, the proof will be gray (simulated silver) over the product.


What's the difference between engraving, etching, printing and sublimation?

Engraving is the process of using a laser to burning away or a blade to drag across a top layer to create a design in the base material. We only offer laser engraving at the moment.


Etching involves corrosive chemicals that use a chemical reaction to clean or burn-in the design on the top layer of the base material or substrate.


UV Printing - Printing onto substrates other than paper (typical print, posters, etc) for permanent or semi-permanent uses is done with UV printing, where a special ink is printed on the material, then dried & hardened with UV light. UV printing has achieved mainstream status in commercial production, but tends to be more expensive with larger production runs, because of the expensive equipment.


Sublimation & Vinyl - Where engraving typically involves the removal of a color, sublimation and heat transfer involves the heating of ink or vinyl colors onto a surface, then allowing the color and adhesive to dry before use. Dye sublimation is typically use on light-color fabrics and the color becomes part of the fabric, whereas vinyl sublimation adds a design layer over the top of the substrate.


Do you engrave in color?

Yes! However, let's discuss what this means. Because our engraving process uses a laser to create the designs, some materials will be charred by the laser, and show a dark brown or black layer where the laser burned the material. Other materials, or substrates, have metal or a sub-layer of the same material that shows an alternate color.


For example, powder-coated tumblers have a semi-shiny metal layer under the powder-coat color, so the engraving will be a shiny metal color, surrounded by the powder-coat.


Do you offer call-in orders?

No, we only accept orders via the website, which enables us and you to valid your specific preferences in one single place. Honestly, we will probably make more mistakes if we take phone orders than if you order online, because all of the options that are right there for you to choose.


However, we will always support your preorder and post-order questions, order adjustments, and most special requests where possible.


Contact us at support@arrowood.co.